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How to deal with culture clashes in the international classroom

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When you’re in a classroom with foreign students, it’s inevitable that you’ll find differences and be pitted against their culture which just seems alien to you. This would be magnified with TEFL because the English language itself is closely connected with its western culture and customs.

In our school TEFL MADRID Academy we understand that cultural differences are a part of life and it’s essential to adapt to them when you’re in a foreign country. However, when these are imported into the classroom, they could wreck havoc on your teaching ability and how you conduct your classes. This is why it is imperative to separate the customs of the outside world from your classroom. While they may be harmless in the beginning and even a reason for laughs, that will eventually wear off and you’ll find yourself in constant flux of tension with your students, and struggle to teach your lessons freely. Here are common pitfalls of these cultural differences in the classroom that you should be aware of.

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